Blender is an open source 3D graphics creation software. It supports 3D modeling, sculpting, simulations, animation, rendering, post-processing, video editing and 2D animation creation. The project was developed by the Blender Foundation, a non-profit organization that includes artists, animators, and game artists from around the world. Use the link on this page to download the official version of Blender free.

The program contains the basic tools to work with. Using this application, you can create fantastic 3D pictures with high image quality. You can install third-party plug-ins to expand the program's capabilities.

Blender is suitable for working on Windows, Mac OS and Linux platforms.

Options and features

  • 2D and 3D graphics creation;
  • working with plugins;
  • free alternative to other tools;
  • motion tracking;
  • non-linear editing features;
  • camera and object tracking;
  • video editing;
  • post-processing and editing;
  • technical support.

How to install the application

Use the link on this page and download the installation file, then open it and wait for the program to fully install. Once the application is installed, open the program and start working.


Blender is not only suitable for home use. The functionality of the program is also used in larger projects. For example, Blender was used in the creation of the movie "Spider-Man 2" and in the animated movie "Mystery Kells".